Our process begins with an audit of existing communications and marketing. Then, we work with you to develop a robust, customized communications plan tailored to the target audiences you want to influence.

SEM Works will design, write, disseminate, track, and report on all CRM communications. Our expert consultants will work with you to define the distinctive selling points of your institution and programs, and ensure you approve of all content and design. We host the CRM system on our server, analyze enrollment trends, provide project management services, and even manage your inquiry data for you. It's that simple.

Leveraging our proprietary customer relationship management (CRM) system, SEM Works provides your institution with multiple channels of communication without taxing your staff or your IT department. Communication channels may include emails, microsites, social media, phone campaigns, and text messaging. Our team of writers and designers is also skilled at developing print communications.

"SEM Works has supported and helped position JCSU atop the landscape of enrollment services. SEM Works' innovative strategies, CRM technological capabilities and market awareness have transformed enrollment practices at JCSU by sharpening our communication plan, enhancing our data repository system and bridging all of the gaps between recruitment activities and cultivating prospects. SEM Works has developed strategies that will enable JCSU to achieve our enrollment goals and realize our vision of becoming Charlotte's Premier Independent Urban University. We are most grateful to SEM Works."

Catherine R. Hurd, Dean of Enrollment Services, Johnson C. Smith University


We coordinate a recruitment and enrollment activity hub for you, incorporating integrated CRM form data, which allows for prospect tracking throughout the admissions process and contact with your institution. We establish and implement a customized communication plan using the CRM tools to deliver messaging, identify your key target groups, and develop queries and reports to assist your recruiters and Admissions staff to reach their audience. We also perform data maintenance, testing, and software upgrades to keep CRM forms and database systems updated and to allow for auto-population of key database fields and streamlining of contact information. Our team guarantees data integrity through regular testing and record matching – allowing you to implement CRM capability without additional server space or technical support to keep the system current and fully operational.


Our team generates electronic communication directly from the CRM database, which is tracked (unique opens, clicks, opt-outs, and bounce backs) and then reloaded into individual student records, where data can be logged and reported. The integrated opt-out feature easily removes students who do not want to receive email from future communications without removing them from the system for admissions tracking purposes. Campaigns can be delivered as text-only or html email, can be sent to specific groups based on any attribute stored in the CRM database, and are personalized to each student by their CRM profile information (i.e. name, hometown, major, etc.). Integrated prospect history enables the SEM Works staff to view results of dissemination and adjust send times to maximize future responses. Additionally, all emails are thoroughly tested prior to sending to ensure low spam ratings and optimal display across all platforms and web browsers.


The SEM Works team develops individual profiles highlighting academic, extracurricular, and career prospect features for each of your academic programs. When students indicate an interest in a particular major, they receive an email version of the microsite. Students who have not declared a major receive a special microsite with information and links to all programs, allowing them to "shop" for the right major. The microsites are updated regularly to include the most current information on program features and institutional developments. When students change majors, a new microsite email is automatically sent to them with information on the new program.


Online forms – either stand-alone or as part of the web portal – can be integrated into the CRM database to streamline event registration and tailor response messaging to each prospective student's current status. Events can be advertised to select audiences based on geographic region, academic standing, specific interest, or any other data field in the CRM. Reminders, updates, or requests for feedback can be sent whenever you choose and are completely customizable for each event.


We assist in developing web-based forms to meet your recruiting and enrollment needs, such as online inquiries, applications, and event registration. These forms are seamlessly integrated into the CRM database to facilitate the complete tracking of prospective student contact with your institution and the generation of responsive touch-points based on these interactions.


We provide a monthly report on the success of each campaign we send, enabling you to track response rates by unique open, opt-out, and click-through. At the end of each recruitment cycle, we present a detailed Return On Investment report that will demonstrate the overall effectiveness of contracted services, such as cost per contact, gross enrollment revenue, net enrollment revenue, and factors specifically tailored to your institution's enrollment goals for special populations (i.e. in-state, out-of-state, transfer, international, or other market segments).