Engaging in strategic enrollment management provides proven methodologies and strategies to enhance performance management with a view to achieving established enrollment goals. Most, if not all, institutions are implementing a plethora of marketing, recruitment, and retention strategies but few are doing so using evidence-based performance metrics. Consequently, the solution to improving enrollment outcomes is not doing more of the same. In point of fact, many existing strategies need to be morphed or abandoned in order to create the organizational bandwidth to execute existing high-performing strategies and new strategies effectively. Strategies implemented “off-the-side-of-the-desk” seldom produce the desired results.

SEM Works’ three-phase enrollment consulting process is presented here. We have used this process with hundreds of higher education institutions and fervently believe that we can make a positive difference at your school.

Phase 1: Discovery

Strategic enrollment management must operate at a high level of precision—focusing valuable resources (human and financial) on the things that matter most. This approach requires the diligent use of enrollment data and analytics to inform strategy performance. At SEM Works, we leverage institutional data to identify a finite, manageable number of strategy areas to surgically focus your enrollment efforts. The analysis follows the student lifecycle—prospect through to graduation. Each stage of the student lifecycle is analyzed at three levels: (1) institutional, (2) student segment, and (3) individual. Said analysis allows our consulting team to guide you in developing the precise strategies that will impact enrollment goals.

Phase 2: Planning

Identified enrollment strategies are developed in consultation with institutional leaders and strategy owners. Along with strategy development, our consultants will work with you to define the associated antecedents for a successful implementation (e.g., staff capacity and expertise, enabling technologies, funding requirements, campus engagement and support). In addition, we collaborate with you to design an actionable path to implementation—complete with action items, an implementation timeline, strategy owner designation, and effectiveness measures.

Phase 3: Implementation

Following the enrollment planning phase, SEM Works’ consultants stand ready to assist you with the most important phase of the process—implementation. We offer both on-site and remote enrollment consulting options for this purpose. The best option depends on your implementation needs and budget. Regardless of the chosen option, we will work with you to monitor strategy performance and recommend mid-course adjustments to ensure your success.

As a leading enrollment consulting firm, our passion is positively impacting the lives of students and supporting your enrollment success. The SEM Works team will work tirelessly to ensure the conditions for achieving realistic enrollment goals are in place and are sustainable over time. Contact SEM Works, your strategic enrollment management champion, TODAY!