Core Business Functions

The workshop that has been the featured highlight of numerous national and international conferences can be delivered right on your own campus. You'll gain an in-depth understanding of enrollment management and how to successfully navigate this complex, multifaceted business. Included in the workshop are enrollment management concepts and models, the uniqueness of higher education as it relates to enrollment management, and the strategies and best practices in the core business functions (marketing, recruitment, financial aid, retention, and student services.)

Enrollment Management Planning

This workshop is specially designed for senior enrollment managers, planning teams, institutional researchers, and others responsible for planning and assessment. Our trainers will provide you with everything you need to develop and assess an enrollment management plan. You'll leave with a planning template, an enrollment management assessment instrument, a guide to data resources, plus countless examples of planning and evaluation techniques. In addition to all of these powerful resources, you'll take with you tips on continuously improving your implementation process.

Creating a Student-Centered Culture

Changing the culture is never easy, but with an actionable strategy, success is within your reach. This popular workshop provides a three-pronged approach to creating a student-centered culture: influencing employee behavior, re-engineering student services, and effectively using technology. We'll work with you to identify institution-specific opportunities in each of these areas for creating a student-centered culture.

"The session that Dr. Black conducted with us at Durham College was received with positive comments from all who attended. Jim's wealth of knowledge in the realm of Strategic Enrollment Management was clearly evident and was presented to the audience in a fun, friendly and informative manner that kept his audience engaged from start to finish. We can't wait to have Jim back to speak again."

Paul Bishop, Registrar, Durham College

"Dr. Black's keynote address at the Washington State Student Services Commission conference was simply outstanding! His presentation on Strategic Enrollment Management in community and technical colleges is cutting-edge information. He offered us a great opportunity to learn how to successfully integrate all functions of an effective enrollment management plan."

George Smith, Vice President for Student Services, Washington State Student Services Commission


Strategic Enrollment Management

A strategy is critical to influencing your enrollment outcomes. Do you know the key concepts in creating a winning enrollment management strategy? Learn about the relationship continuum, integration, the enrollment funnel, branding, marketing, student recruitment, student retention, and student services. You'll gain a broad understanding of enrollment management along with best practices that you and your staff can implement for your own institution's success. This workshop can be designed for an enrollment management staff, a campus-wide audience, or the president and senior leadership team.

Customer Service

This half-day workshop provides insights into customer service in a higher education context. Contrary to the private sector view that "the customer is always right," successful models in colleges and universities are about empowering students and teaching them to take responsibility for their future. Core content includes students as consumers of our services and educational products, delivering on institutional promises, and best practices in student services.

The Promise of the Brand

Whether or not you've formally developed a brand, your current and prospective students have a perceived notion about your institution. In this workshop, you'll learn how influential a brand can and what you can do to steer students' perceptions. Topics include brand promise, the student experience, the employee experience, the brand experience, moments of truth, and brand loyalty. You will have the opportunity to discuss how these concepts apply to your institution and how you can begin to deliver on the promise of the brand every day.

Integrated Marketing

Discover the power of speaking with a single institutional voice. The focus of this workshop is the consistent integration of marketing messages, design, and navigation in relation to promotional activities occurring throughout your campus. Then we'll take it one step further and discuss methods for integrating your marketing efforts with academic programming, pricing and financial aid strategies, and the delivery of educational content (e.g., promoting convenience, online courses, remote locations, condensed schedules and more.)

External & Internal Marketing

How confident are you with your institution's level of communication to a variety of audiences? This workshop with strategies for effectively communicating with external audiences as well as ensuring the messages conveyed externally are believed and practiced internally. You'll engage in the development of a skeletal marketing plan for external and internal constituents.

Fundamentals of Student Recruitment

Go inside the minds of students, learn how to reach them and what to say. We'll cover the unique characteristics of Millennials and Gen Zers, factors influencing student choice, the recruitment funnel, principles of communication flow, and proven recruitment strategies. Anyone involved in recruitment, including volunteers and academic units involved in recruitment, will benefit from this introduction to student recruitment.

Retention Theory & Practice

To improve retention, student success must be an organizing principle that permeates and drives everything you do. Looking through the student success lens, your institution can focus its curriculum, instructional delivery, advising, and student services to create a learner-centered culture that is unequaled among your peers. More importantly, you will dramatically enhance student success and consequently, retention and completion rates.

Blending High Touch Technology Services

The emphasis of this workshop is on delivering quality student services through a combination of high tech and high touch solutions. Characteristics and specific needs of Millennials and Gen Zers will be explored. Together, we'll create a prioritized list of action steps for improving student services on your campus.

Change Management in the Academy

This workshop is about getting things done in an academic setting. Participants will be exposed to change management concepts such as the stages of complex change efforts, the influence of power brokers, organizational frames, systems thinking, leveraging a sense of urgency, overcoming resistance to change, and sustaining momentum.

Branding Higher Ed

Within the higher education branding construct, there are two major components: (1) promotion of the brand and (2) delivering on the brand. Before the brand can be effectively promoted, the desired brand identity (how you want others to perceive the institution) must be defined. A brand rationale, brand attributes, and brand benefits should be clearly articulated and consistently reflect the institution's values while aligning with constituent expectations. Promotional activities alone do not create a brand. In fact, the brand is determined by the consistency with which the brand promise is lived every day. This training seminar will cover the key concepts related to promotion and delivery of the brand.

The Art of Selling

Many colleges and universities are taking advantage of the private sector's sales methodology-and they're seeing results. Now that the art of selling has been adapted for higher education, prepare your sales team to effectively manage their territory and produce maximum enrollment results. Your admissions representatives will learn how to articulate key selling points, address barriers to enrolling, and influence decisions to enroll.

"Our choice to partner with the team from SEM Works has been nothing short of dramatic. Their commitment to designing solutions that work for our institution rather than giving us a 'one-size-fits-all' product is second to none. We couldn't have made a more effective choice."

Mary Grondahl, Vice President for Enrollment Management, The College of Saint Rose

"Jim Black had a major impact on our campus. His customer service seminar caused us to systematically evaluate every part of our process--from prospective student visits to current student office procedures. Since his visit we have initiated a number of significant changes that we anticipate will have a very positive impact on our retention as well as our institutional identity."

Thomas Huebner, Jr., Ph.D., Vice President of Enrollment, Management Carson-Newman College

"Dr. Black was a pleasure to work with during our on-site enrollment management seminar. He partnered with us to include our top leadership, faculty members, and student services staff throughout the day to truly demonstrate that enrollment management is a campus-wide endeavor. In particular, Dr. Black's participative approach fully engaged and inspired our group. We came away from the seminar armed with renewed energy and focus, ready to develop our own strategies and action plans for the campus."

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