Let's face it. Much of your institution's success depends on student enrollment. At SEM Works, we've spent significant time in the enrollment management trenches prior to becoming consultants. Our enrollment management consultants know from experience what's at stake as well as what can be gained through a skillfully-developed strategy. SEM Works will collaborate with you and help mobilize your campus to tackle your most pressing enrollment issues. As a partner in your success, we'll design strategies to ensure optimal enrollment outcomes and institutional vitality.

Our consulting services include:

Enrollment management Integrated marketing
Student recruitment Customer service
Student retention Strategic research and intelligence
Student services Student communications
Institutional branding Financial aid analysis
Process re-engineering Change management

Customized solutions with a critical path to implementation.

SEM Works does NOT offer clients boilerplate solutions. We believe that each institution is different, and our client's needs and resources call for tailored solutions. The strategies we recommend are grounded in reality and derived from the time we invest to get to know you. They also reflect a well-informed combination of both best practices and the latest advances in the field.

High-powered results.

SEM Works will share our knowledge and resources and put them to work for you. Within a very short time, you can improve enrollments, optimize staff resources and technology, effectively brand your institution, create an integrated strategic enrollment plan, and develop other powerful approaches to dramatically elevate your enrollment outcomes.

We give you experience.

The SEM Works team brings a strong foundation to the table. Our extensive background includes consultancies with community colleges, four-year public and private institutions, graduate and professional schools, proprietary schools, non-profit and for-profit organizations, in addition to college and university systems.

"We have been very pleased with the work of Dr. Jim Black and the SEM Works team. It was clear from the start that Jim had thoroughly prepared for the enrollment management and student services audits before he stepped foot on our campus. This preparation and his analytical and approachable manner during the audits enabled him to understand our culture, identify our critical issues, and move to smart strategic recommendations. Jim clearly understands the complexities of a multi-campus community college system. We look forward to an integrated enrollment management plan that will improve our student services and grow our enrollment."

Sandra Kurtinitis, Ph.D., President, Community College of Baltimore County Maryland


SEM Works will conduct an enrollment management audit based upon an environmental systems analysis of existing operations relative to best practices and institutional goals; an analysis of internal data; and environmental conditions (internal and external). Findings and actionable recommendations are presented via an interactive webinar report.


Our process fosters campus-wide understanding of the environmental factors impacting enrollment and engages campus constituents at all levels in a highly collaborative and participatory approach to enrollment planning, strategy development, and implementation. Our services are focused on identifying solutions to enrollment challenges associated with the academic priorities of the institution, accounting for the program uniqueness of individual colleges/schools as well as the capacity conditions of service units. Enrollment planning involves:


Our branding services include a combination of research (e.g., image study, environmental scan, competitor analysis, market opportunity analysis), consultation in the development of a distinctive brand platform, and planning for data-driven, best-practice-informed institutional positioning. We also provide messaging and design direction to support the new brand and when requested, the creation of print, electronic, and web collateral.


SEM Works' consultants will conduct a marketing and communications audit, and on the strength of the findings, we will facilitate the development of an integrated marketing strategy aligned with institutional objectives and resources. If desired, SEM Works can support implementation with a full range of creative services, research, a rollout campaign, and a marketing strategy ROI analysis.


Recruitment services involve a comprehensive review of the structures, activities, systems (e.g., inquiry management, application processing, admit conversion, CRM system), information, policies and processes associated with prospective student recruitment and admissions through to enrollment fulfillment. We employ a data-driven approach that leads to the identification of high priority target student segments, and an integrated and actionable strategy and plan by segment throughout the student recruitment lifecycle stages.


Our retention services focus holistically on the developmental needs of students—intellectual, social, emotional, and physical. A data-driven approach is taken to understand the root causes impacting student persistence, progression, and completion, and the conditions for student success both inside and outside the classroom. SEM Works' process involves a comprehensive review of the structures, activities, systems, information, policies, and processes associated with student transitions into, through, and out of the institution.


SEM Works conducts a service audit that consists of an assessment of existing service practices relative to best practices in customer service within a higher education context and reflects the unique needs, culture, and goals of each institution. Findings and detailed recommendations are presented in a webinar report. Following the audit and report, customer service training is available to your employees via an on-campus customer service workshop.

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